Italy day 4-5

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Finally at home! We were supposed to be home around 6pm last night, but because of delays and the weather we had to land at Arlanda airport instead of Skavsta. That made us VERY late and we didn't get home until 9.30 am. Would you believe me if I told you that we were really tired?

Anyway, I will now continue to tell about the week. On our third day, when we went to Claudio's to see a movie, everyone fell asleep and we ended up going home without finish watching, haha.


Day 4 (25/2 2010)
Hm.. now I have to think... School as usual. We went straight to the gym hall to play some volleyball. We sucked bad times, haha. Me and Lovisa went out for a bit to get some sun. The weather was really great! Henrik borrowed my camera today as well, and had fun with it, but unfortunately the battery died during the morning. It was really bad luck because in the afternoon we went to Rome and there were a lot I would've liked to take pictures of.

On the bus to Rome there was no seat left for me with Lovisa, Henrik and Sara so I got to sit by myself. But it wasn't so bad. A guy, who wasn't part of the project, sat down beside me. He, and a few girls were going guide us a little in Rome. Well, I started talking to him, and we talked all the way to Rome and since he didn't know anyone there, beside me now, we walked around together and he gave me a little bit of a personal guided tour. I must say that Italians are very friendly! In Sweden I would probably never have started talking to him, and even if I would I don't think we would have talked so much.

We walked around in Rome for like 4-6 hours before we reached our goal. A restaurant where we were going to have pizza. 70 persons in one restaurant. I can promise you, that the staff was really busy, and stressed out. But it was a great night! Even though we were dead tired with aching feet. Since we had dinner around 8pm we didn't get home until 10.30pm or something like that, and then I had to pack my bags so it was a late night. I'm not even sure if I really slept much that night. Just think I was between waking and sleeping. The last hour though I did sleep, but then at 4.07am the alarm rang. Time to wake up.

Day 5 (26/2 2010)
As I said, at 4.07am I woke up. It was time to leave. I got some quick breakfast in my room and then we left for the train station. We went to Rome and then to the airport. We had some breakfast and did some shopping (we had had barely no time at all for that during our visit). Again, we had to wait because the flight was very late. Also, as I said we had to land at Arlanda airport instead of Skavsta so we had to wait even more. I was so tired that I wanted to cry. I didn't want to wait anymore. I just wanted to go home and sleep. I slept a little on the bus though, and then I went to the back where the others sat and talked with them and played some cards.

Now I've told you a "little" about my trip to Rome. There's of course much more to tell, but at the moment I can't remember everything, haha.

Oh! Jamie Oliver on TV, me want to see!

By the way! I must tell you about our way back to the bus after dinner on our fourth day! We walked to the bus, talking, having fun with different English accents and followed a group of people we thought was our group. After a while we realized that perhaps it wasn't our group so Henrik walked over to see and NO... it wasn't our group. We were lost! We called around and finally an Italian teacher was going to meet us at the square we walked from, and THEN we came to the bus. It was acutally a bit of fun, haha. Well, Jamie Oliver's waiting. See you!

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