Life's too short to waste

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Somethings really make you appreciate the things you have, the life you have. Reading about other people's destiny, e.g. Tahiti make me realize how lucky I am to live in Sweden where we barely have any disasters of that kind. Or reading about people who've suffered a great loss by losing a parent, or about those who grew up in a disastrous family where fighting, violence and drugs are a daily business. Wow, I'm happy I've got my family, my friends, my country, my LIFE! My problems are small compared to many others'.

I love my life, I love being me, I love my family, I love myself and I can't ask for more.

Like J said earlier today, or perhaps yesterday, when you're feeling down, people are telling you to read or listen or watch something cheerful, but in fact to hear about people who have it worse is, ironicly, much more helpful. It makes you appreciate life, perhaps make you feel guilty about what you've done and make you apologize (or something) earlier than you might have otherwise.

I'm NOT saying that I think it's good that people are suffering!! Not at all! I'm just saying that it's an eye-opener.

Life's too short, make the best of it!

Axel Rudi Pell - Don't Say Goodbye

Haiti - + en tankeställare -

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Eftersom jag inte alls var särskilt sugen på att sätta mig och pussla ihop en argumenationsuppsats om varför regnskogen inte ska skövlas, tittade jag istället omkring på Facebook. Där såg jag att en av mina fb-vänner hade länkat till en artikel på Aftonbladet.se. Den fick mig verkligen att fundera. Den handlar om en liten pojke som samlat ihop ca 2 miljoner kronor till Haitis offer. En LITEN pojke, och så finns det massa egoistiska människor som sitter på feta pengar men vägrar att göra något. Själv har jag endast skänkt en liten 50-lapp via ett sms

(Smsa AKUT till 72 900 till Röda Korsets hjälpinsatser i Haiti. För att skänka 100 kr smsa AKUT100 till 72 900)
{Jag vet dock inte om det fortfarande gäller eftersom jag inte kunde hitta det på Röda Korsets hemsida.}

, jag har som sagt bara skänkt 50 kronor, men jag vill skänka mer. Jag har bara inte kommit underfund med hur jag ska gå till väga. Det är så fruktansvärt när något sådant här händer. Det enda jag vill är att hjälpa, men jag vet inte vart jag ska börja. Det känns som att det enda jag kan göra är att skänka pengar. Jag får undersöka saken bättre.

Hoppas alla har en trevlig tisdags kväll!

Bild från Aftonbladet.se
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Studying makes you tired

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I've done a lot of studying today, and I definitely mean A LOT! Though, I've got my Swedish essay to finish too, but I fell way too tired right now. It's not only fysical activity that makes you tired. Today it's a mix of both fysical and mental activity. I've been out for two long walks. That's the fysical part. The other part comes from studying biology, math and theory.

I always complain about not being particularly good at math, but I've realized that I only need to sit down and really concentrate, without people around to disdurb me. I'm very easily distracted, that's for sure! I rather talk to my table mates than working with different ways to use derivative(?) hm... don't know if that's really the word for it, haha. Anyway, it sucks! I really don't understand the point of it! Why spend time on thing like that when we usually only use addition, subtract, multiplication and division? I can barely solve an easy problem with one of them without a calculator. That's really bad!

OK, I think I'll right at least one argument for why we shouldn't devastate the rain forest.
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