Charcoal and a piece of paper

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I love drawing! Especially using charcoal, because it's so free. You can do whatever you want without bothering about "beauty" I always draw and very rarely use an eraser. I think it's much more fun without the perfection. What inspires me the most when i draw is music. I can listen to a song, write down some line from it and then make the picture. That's exactly how I love to "work". Unfortunately I'm really bad at drawing, but that doesn't stop me! And I know that my faces are unproportional, but that's the way I like to draw them, haha.

Jag är en Vampyr

Free Falling

All the vampires walking through the valley

Wavin' Flag - K'naan
Tubthumping - Chumbawamba
If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
Bleeding Love - The Baseballs

The good sides of MySpace

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MySpace can be really fun sometimes. Especially when you've been away for a while and then log in to find about 7 new friend request from different awesome bands! And while you're online, checking all the new bands out you get several new request while just sitting there, haha. It's really great! The best band I found today was Kid Keep Dancing. They sound something like Fall Out Boy and since I love them I don't see that as a problem, not this time. So, go and check these guys out! And while you're on it, why not pay J Minus a visit too.

Peace ...


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I've tried to make some smaller changes on my blog, though I'm not at all sure whether it worked or not.

Anyways, why not check this remix out?

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